As cryptocurrency is slowly creeping up to the modern financial system, it’s important to understand just how important cryptocurrency is and how it can affect the financial institutions and the market. The fact of the matter is that once bitcoin was introduced. Nobody cared and it did not have a bright future.

bitcoin startap

With huge marketing and a slow community acceptance, it crawled its way to the mainstream where it began expanding into the goliath of the online currency it is today. The bitcoin alone is an online trading platform that trades and exchanges millions of dollars within one year.

So how does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is an online trading currency that is awarded to the miner after a set of blockchains is mined. Over the years the mining has become increasingly harder. So that the coins would gain in value as the market dictates its need. With such a huge interest from the public, it was slowly becoming important to have some tools and understanding of the programs that are being used by newcomers to startup their bitcoin venture.


The following programs are something that you should get introduced to if you are planning to play with bitcoins in the near future.

– Programs for mining

  1. BTC Miner

The BTC miner is the open source mining program that will get you started on your journey to mining your first bitcoin online. It can operate both on the Windows platform and the Linux. It has a ready for use bitstream that makes it an excellent choice to mine bitcoins with more than one rig. Its interface is amazingly easy to use and for further explanation on how you should use this program. To help you mine your coins, you should visit their official website.

  1. Poclbm

This is a python GPU based mining program which lets you mine bitcoins through the OpenCL framework. It’s an easy to use program with AMD graphics cards. That are the 4xxx and above ant with Nvidia graphics cards that are 8xxx and above. It’s also a good program for mining with more than one rig and for additional research and experimentation when it comes to mining. For further assistance on how to use this program visit their official website.

– Wallets

As you can probably imagine when bitcoin became popular many wallet services started offering their packages to attract more users. We recommend you check out these wallets and choose one that best suits you and your needs

– Ledger Nano S is a secure wallet for the bitcoin currency and some others. And it can be used on all platforms at the same time.

– Electrum is another simple bitcoin wallet that can also work on Linux windows and on the mac. The interface is easy to use and can be mastered by everyone.

– Mycelium is at this moment the most popular wallet for the android users. Keep in mind that we don’t advise you keep all your coins on your phone.

– Bread wallet, as mentioned above. Is the best wallet for the android system and here we have the most popular for the IOS.