When it comes to cryptocurrency the industry is at its infant age. Yet it has grown so fast and so large in this short time that there are complete industries focusing on the process of making money on cryptocurrency. In a sense, the old banking system is kind of failing the world, and with millennials looking at alternative methods in almost every industry, while still staying on the popular trendy topics, the cryptocurrency money making scheme is at its highest in its history. The question that everyone has on their mind is how exactly can you make money off cryptocurrency?


There are several answers as there are several methods, but essentially the question boils down to if you want to invest a lot of money and time or just set up a system that will earn you money on the go.

The fact of the matter is that once cryptocurrency became viable, everyone wanted to join the party and earn some money on it. However, the cryptocurrency methods of earning money were not boiled down to one or two methods but in fact several of them.

As the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin became integrated into several industries it slowly gained purchasing power in the real world. No longer would you have to pay for something with real cash if you can pay with virtual money, and what better way to earn that money than to make it yourself.

First thing is first when it comes to making money with cryptocurrency there are these methods:

– Mining the coins

– Buying and selling them on the market


With that out of the way, we can also mention that there are several ways to earn coins or fraction of coins if you watch certain ads that will reward you with coins and you can also sell goods for coins and then make a profit when the coins value goes up.

Mining the cryptocurrency

Mining is performed with a powerful PC as the graphics card performs tons of calculations during a given time, you are then rewarded for your performed calculations with a coin or a fraction of it. Once you gain enough block chains the mining becomes harder. Which means that in the future it will take you longer to mine the same amount as it did before. This is the most well-known form of making cryptocurrency money and it works.


There is an initial investment as the gear to mine can be expensive especially if you want to get more computers at once, and the trick is that it can take you from one day to anywhere up to a year to make your money back. It all depends on the market and if the coin will grow and how fast it will grow.

The Buying and selling of the cryptocurrency

This is a form of stock market trading. You buy at one point in time and sell it when the price rises in the future. This method does not require a huge initial investment and can return little profits in an instant or it can also cost you money if the value of the coin falls down.